Elliot Eisenberg with Graphs and Laughs joins Radio to discuss the current housing industry, where the economy is going, what Graphs and Laughs is and much more

Dr. Elliot Eisenberg on COVID-19, Housing, the Economy

President and founder of Graphs and Laughs, Elliot Eisenberg, Ph.D., is known for his quick wit, bowtie and understanding of housing and economics. Dr. Elliot Eisenberg a.k.a. the Bowtie Economist joins us in studio for Episode 923 of Atlanta Real Estate Radio. Joined by co-hosts Carol Morgan and Todd Schnick, the group discusses the current housing industry, where the economy[...]


Coronavirus Throws Potential Curveball at U.S. Real Estate Markets

Dr. Rajeev Dhawan of the Economic Forecasting Center at Georgia State University’s Robinson College of Business recently shared his insights regarding the impact of COVID-19, more commonly known as coronavirus, on the 2020 Economic Forecast. While several factors currently impact the real estate market such as a sharp drop in oil prices to the pullback of the presidential election, Dhawan[...]

2020 Economic Forecast: Which Way Will the Camel Sit?

2020 Economic Forecast: Which Way Will the Camel Sit?

Dr. Rajeev Dhawan of the Economic Forecasting Center at Georgia State University’s Robinson College of Business gives his 2020 Economic forecast. He says, "A maturing business cycle, the ongoing global slowdown and the U.S.-China trade spat are fostering a deteriorating business investment climate, and a slowdown in job growth has made consumers wary of spending." Related to overseas buyers, Dhawan commented[...]

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Got $200K? Here’s How Many Square Feet You’ll Get Nationwide

If you have roughly $200,000 to purchase a new home in Atlanta, you can expect about 1,119 square feet. That's great if you've moved from Manhattan, where the same amount will only give you 126. But if you're coming from Cleveland, where $200,000 will grant you about 3,769 square feet. You could either save your money or you could build[...]

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MarketNsight to Host Upcoming MarketWatch Atlanta

Housing economy expert John Hunt of MarketNsight and ViaSearch is excited to announce MarketWatch Atlanta on Friday, June 9. Join John Hunt and Dr. Rajeev Dhawan of Georgia State’s Economic Forecasting Center in their discussion of current trends and full forecasts for Atlanta’s overall economy, and new construction. As home builders scramble to meet the generational demands of millennials and boomers[...]

Mercedes-Benz USA Headquarters to Create 800 Jobs in Atlanta

On Jan. 6, 2015 Mercedes-Benz USA announced that it will relocate its headquarters to Atlanta. Offering positions in distribution, marketing and customer relations, the Mercedes-Benz USA headquarters is anticipated to create at least 800 jobs for local residents. Mercedes-Benz USA President and CEO Stephen Cannon expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming transition, stating that he is eager to establish a permanent[...]

Academy Mortgage Provides Positive Housing Market Insight

While the housing market seems to have slowed slighting in June, there is plenty of positive data on hand that indicate the housing market is still moving along a path of slow and steady growth. Freddie Mac’s Multi-Indicator Market Index (MiMi) fell in May, but on a year-over-year basis, the index was up 0.86 points. The slight decline is likely due[...]

People are Flocking to Atlanta and Its Surrounding Suburbs

Atlanta is the No. 1 city in America in the minds of so many of its residents that it comes as little surprise to them when the southern behemoth and giant metropolitan area are actually officially named No. 1 in something. But, still, the more recognition Atlanta receives, the more people seem to want to want to move here, giving[...]