Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio Theatre Productions

Love Theater? Find out What’s Playing around Town on Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio

One of the most exciting elements of Atlanta’s cultural scene is the abundance of local theater companies performing around town. Whether you’re a fan of classic musicals, prefer more intimate dramas, or want to laugh at an improve show, Atlanta’s theater scene has something for you. Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio has been scouting and has discovered is honored to[...]

Dad's Garage

Celebrating Failure Through Comedy at Dad’s Garage

You have to fail in order to succeed, and watching failure play out on stage during an original improv theater performance is thoroughly entertaining. Dad’s Garage entertains more than 30,000 people each year with improv and off-the-beat scripted productions that are creative, original and down-right hilarious. On today’s Around Atlanta episode of Atlanta Real Estate Forum radio, the Associate Artistic[...]