Community of the Week: Manor North

Leslie Del Ponte and her husband, Joe, had lived in Cumming before relocating to Massachusetts. When they returned two years, they started house-hunting in the same general area of North Fulton and South Forsyth. But when their agent mentioned Cherokee County, they hesitated. “We didn’t think we wanted to come out this far,” she said. “But we couldn’t find anything we[...]

Community of the Week: Traditions from FrontDoor Communities

The name is more than a hint that this Cumming community is going to evoke memories. It harks back to those days when rocking on the front porches, sharing a dish at a neighborly gathering and strolling with the kids along the sidewalk were primary past-times. Traditions gives buyers a chance to recreate those nostalgic moments in homes designed to[...]

Community of the Week: Expo Homes' Manchester Walk

  Despite favorable interest rates, becoming a first-time buyer while trying to stick to a budget can be tough in today’s real estate market. But as two new owners at Manchester Walk in Lawrenceville recently discovered, it’s not only possible but pleasurable to work through the process to become an owner. Jeremy Anderson, a paramedic with a wife and two children, had[...]