Partnering with Caliber Home Loans to Finance a New Home

    When it comes to purchasing or refinancing a new home, Caliber Home Loans understands the importance of partnerships both within the Caliber team as well as between the client and loan servicer. Caliber clients enjoy open communication and guidance throughout the loan process from start to finish. Industry experts who recognize the challenges of today’s home financing market created Caliber Home[...]

    Caliber Home Loans Discusses Closing Disclosures Caliber Home Loans joins Atlanta’s Best New Homes TV’s Mortgage Minutes segment to discuss closing disclosures on new home loans. During the closing process, homebuyers receive a closing disclosure document to help prepare the homebuyer for how much money is required for the closing process to be completed. Closing disclosures itemize quite a few things: Confirmation of the loan’s interest rate Break down of[...]

    Customer Service Comes First at Caliber Home Loans Caliber Home Loans in Atlanta discusses the importance of customer service at Caliber Home Loans. When looking to buy a home and looking for the right mortgage company to work with, you want to be sure the lender you choose cares for you as an individual client.  Just like in every other business, great customer service should always be the number[...]

    The Caliber Advantage for VA Lending Gina Spearman, area sales manager with Caliber Home Loans, joins Atlanta’s Best New Homes TV for another installment of Mortgage Minutes to discuss VA loan options from Caliber Home Loans. Caliber Homes Loans believes that military borrowers deserve unique benefits and their loan programs provide them with options such as fixed-rate and ARMs, high balance. “VA loans are an excellent loan option[...]

    Understanding FHA Loans as a Home Buying Option Gina Spearman, Caliber Home Loans Atlanta are sales manager, joins Atlanta’s Best New Homes TV to explain Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans as a home buying option. According to Caliber Home Loans’ website, an FHA loan is partially insured by the FHA, an agency created in 1934 to help borrowers and businesses recover from the Great Depression. “The FHA loan program is[...]

    Benefits of Conventional Loans from Caliber Home Loans Caliber Home Loans is dedicated to assisting more borrowers with accomplishing their home ownership dreams by providing personalized, affordable lending solutions. Gina Spearman, Caliber Home Loans area sales manager, recently sat down with Atlanta’s Best New Homes TV to discuss the three main different loan options from Caliber Home Loans: conventional, FHA and VA. In this Mortgage Minutes segment, Spearman focuses on[...]

    Caliber Home Loans Discusses Loan Application Requirements

    Gina Spearman, area sales manager for Caliber Home Loans – Atlanta, joins Atlanta’s Best New Homes TV for another Mortgage Minutes segment. Spearman explains that a mortgage loan application requires more than just a name, address and Social Security number. Additional info might include: Employer information, such as name, address, phone number, etc., Bank Accounts (balance, income, etc.) Assets According to Spearman, the most important piece of information is[...]

    Caliber Home Loans Answers Loan Application Questions The home buying process can be intimidating. However, Caliber Home Loans does all they can to help homebuyers through the loan application process and answer any questions that may come up. On the latest segment of Mortgage Minutes, Caliber Home Loans Atlanta area sales manager Gina Spearman discusses the loan application and the questions first time homebuyers will find. Loan applications can[...]