KNOWAtlanta Summer 2019

Landing a Job in the ATL – KNOWAtlanta’s Summer 2019 Issue

KNOWAtlanta Magazine is back with its 2019 Summer Issue to give you the inside scoop on the ATL. Whether you’re thinking about relocating to Atlanta, are new to the town, or have lived here your whole life, KNOWAtlanta has you covered. In this edition, you can expect to figure out exactly why Atlanta is one of the best cities to[...]

Winter 2019 Cover header

20 Reasons to Love Atlanta – KNOWAtlanta’s Winter 2019 Issue

Say hello to the Winter 2019 edition of the KNOWAtlanta Relocation Guide, where newcomers and locals alike can learn more about the diverse metropolitan area in 10 minutes than you can with a 10-year stay. That’s because Atlanta has so much to offer to those who call it home. The city has a lot of history, tons of attractions and[...]

Atlanta Relocation All About Lifestyle

Thinking about relocating to Atlanta? Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage is here to help. We understand that relocating is about more than just moving your family to a new home, it's about finding somewhere to match your lifestyle. we provide comprehensive relocation information to all of our potential buyers. You can get the scoop on schools, communities, entertainment, attractions, shopping, cultural experiences[...]

All Recessions End, Even Ones Involving Atlanta New Homes

When asked for some good news on the Atlanta housing market, Dan Forsman replied, "The good news is that all recessions end." Luckily for us the President of Atlanta's largest brokerage went on to share a bit more stating, "We are finding the bottom; we are seeing activity." Forsman believes that if  this recession was going to continue we’d see the[...]

Katharine Shepard Named Head of Relocation at Sharon Dover and Associates

People dreading the stressful, sometimes arduous process of relocation may be able to breath a sigh of relief. Katharine Shepard was recently named as the new relocation director for Sharon Dover and Associates Real Estate Professionals in Duluth. As part of her duties, Shepard will coordinate relocations for companies in the metro area and help employees find the right opportunities[...]

OBIE Media Sponsor KNOWAtlanta Helps New Residents Transition Smoothly

The Atlanta SMC would like to say thank you KNOWAtlanta for being a media sponsor for the 2010 OBIE Awards. The OBIE awards will be held Nov. 13 and will honor the best of Atlanta real estate. With more than 24 years of relocation expertise, KNOWAtlanta is Atlanta’s award-winning source of information for corporate executives, families and individuals moving to Atlanta. Published[...]