MarketNsight Reveals Decrease in July Pending Sales

MarketNsight Reveals 18% Decrease in Pending Sales Year to Year

Bright Spot: New home pending sales are up 48% year over year since February MarketNsight, a leading real estate data and analysis provider, reports that pending sales in July were down 18% year to year – showing no significant change from the 19% decrease revealed in its January 2023 update. Unless interest rates drop significantly in the next few months, pending[...]

Atlanta needs entry-level housing, yet roadblocks stand in the way

Atlanta Needs Entry-Level Housing, Yet Roadblocks Stand In The Way  

MarketNsight Offers Housing Forecast at MarketWatch Atlanta MarketNsight, a leading provider of real estate data and analysis, recently hosted its biannual MarketWatch Atlanta event via Zoom, releasing data on the state of the Atlanta new home industry. According to John Hunt, Principal and Chief Analyst at MarketNsight, the housing shortage in Atlanta (especially related to entry-level housing) and elsewhere throughout the[...]

Is Atlanta Running Out of Houses? A 10 year retrospective.

Is Atlanta Running Out of Houses?

Flashback to February 2013 when Atlanta Real Estate Forum ran this headline: Is Atlanta Running Out of Houses? Times were different, yet there were so many similarities. Home inventory in Atlanta was getting depleted quickly, and it is once again now 10 years later! In February 2013, when this article was originally published, you’ll notice the months supply of homes for[...]

housing shortage - supply and demand

It’s Basic Supply and Demand, states MarketNsight

Homes below $300,000 are almost nonexistent “The housing shortage will get worse over the next year,” MarketNsight Chief Analyst John Hunt said at MarketWatch Atlanta. To get back to normal, Atlanta needs 66,000 additional homes on the market over the next 12 months. “We simply don’t have enough supply,” Hunt said. Before the Great Recession, housing starts and population growth tracked together,[...]

U.S. Foreclosure

U.S. Foreclosure Market Saw Record Lows in 2021

The housing market continues to show improvement not only in Atlanta but across the country. While record-low national housing inventory remains, the number of foreclosures reported across continues to decrease. ATTOM recently released the 2021 Year-End U.S. Foreclosure Market Report, detailing scheduled actions, default notices and bank repossessions recorded in the past year. Licensor of the nation’s top comprehensive data and[...]

Jeremy Crawford with FMLS on Radio

Jeremy Crawford with FMLS Shares Market Update

State of Atlanta Housing Market with FMLS FMLS President Jeremy Crawford joins the Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio podcast to discuss the current state of the Atlanta housing market and the company's pioneering virtual services. Crawford joins hosts Carol Morgan and Todd Schnick for the All About Real Estate segment. A premier Atlanta multiple listing service (MLS), FMLS has over 56,000 brokers and agents[...]

Atlanta Real Estate Market

How To Navigate Atlanta’s Real Estate Market

Take advantage of Atlanta’s booming real estate market by first understanding how to navigate it. The confusing lingo, statistics and sometimes ominous forecasts often leave potential homebuyers thinking they are unable to benefit in the current market. Words to know Real estate market: Another word for the housing market, the real estate market represents the market of active properties buyers or[...]

MarketNsight Permits Up

MarketNsight Reports Atlanta Pending Home Sales Continue to Surpass June Records

MarketNsight reports June new Atlanta pending home sales continue to exceed 2019 sales, even as COVID-19 (coronavirus) Georgia cases continue to increase. According to MarketNsight and ViaSearch President John Hunt, week three of June 2020 was up 31% year-to-year with a lag and will be up 43% year to year when the lag is accounted for. The first three weeks of[...]

MarketNsight Announces May 2020 Up 31% Over May the Preceding Year

MarketNsight Announces May 2020 Up 31% Over May the Preceding Year

MarketNsight recently announced new pending home sales in the Atlanta market are up 31% for May 2020 versus May the year before. In fact, new pending home sales went positive year-to-year in the fourth week of April and have continued to improve. For January through May 2020, pending sales are up 6% over the same time period the year before. “New[...]