Caliber Home Loans Atlanta 2-1 Buydown Product

[youtube] The world of mortgage lending continues to evolve, and now buyers in the Atlanta area have more options than ever when it comes to financing a new home purchase. Gina Spearman, a licensed mortgage originator with Caliber Home Loans in Atlanta, recently spoke to Atlanta’s Best New Homes TV about Caliber’s 2-1 buydown, a mortgage product designed to help new[...]

End of the 30 Year Mortgage for Atlanta Real Estate Buyers?

Many housing proponents claim that the move to dismantle Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will bring about the end of the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage. Tony Floyd, senior vice president of Prudential Georgia Realty recently shared his thoughts on the issues facing the housing industry, Fannie and Freddie and more. We have been hosting webinars and writing about this for several[...]

O'Dwyer Homes Offers New Interest Program to Make Homes More Affordable

Award-Winning Atlanta New Home Builder, O'Dwyer Homes wants to let you know that if you're having difficulty taking advantage of the low interest rates, low prices, and new $8,000 tax credit that has made this the buyer's market of a lifetime, O'Dwyer Homes at Tributary has the solution. First, they have reduced their pricing to a No-Hassle level.Then they teamed with[...]