Stowers and Weniger with Traton Homes win Sales Team OTY

At this year’s 41st Annual OBIE Awards, Dawn Stowers and Tammy Weniger with Traton Homes received the Sales Team of the Year award. Atlanta Real Estate Forum congratulates the talented duo and Traton Homes for the prestigious win. The OBIE Awards are presented by the Atlanta Sales and Marketing Council of the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association.

The Traton Homes sales team for Edgemoore at Milford, both Stowers and Weniger were truly a dynamic duo for the community of 95 two-story townhomes located in Marietta. Knowing the community would attract many first-time homebuyers, Stowers and Weniger worked to provide the best customer service imaginable to everyone that walks through their goal.

The two were also hands-on with the construction side of the business, working with the builders in a team-oriented approach. Both believe that a well-run community begins with a cohesive relationship between the builders and agents, and when that relationship is strong, prospects and buyers profit from it! From day one, the Edgemoore team’s cohesiveness helped customers feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the purchase and build process, reinforcing their decision to purchase with Traton Homes.

Stowers and Weniger’s Sales Goal for 2020 was 26 homes. The neighborhood opened for sales in February, giving the team an objective of 2.4 homes per month to meet their goal. They opened strong with three sales in the first month before the pandemic shut down processes. The unprecedented situation did not slow Stowers and Weniger down as they quickly adapted and sold virtually over Zoom.

During the second quarter, they sold two to three homes every month and in the third quarter, sales took off like a rocket. In the second half of the year, they sold 35 homes, an average of 5.8 per month, and doubled their monthly goal! Overall, the team sold 42 homes, 161% to their goal of only 26 homes for the year.

With sales picking up so quickly, the team began pre-selling townhomes to meet demand. Homeowners are generally uncomfortable purchasing pre-sale homes, but Stowers and Weniger dug in to discover sought-after prospects to increase pre-sales. The extra detail allowed the buyer to get what they wanted by visiting the Design Center to choose finishes and upgrades. The process equated to satisfied customers and profitable pre-sale transactions for Traton Homes.

To manage the considerable number of sales, Stowers and Weniger created a professional and innovative spreadsheet. The helpful tracker was used during meetings with the builders to ensure everyone working in the community was on the same page, one of the many reasons their customer service performance numbers are incredible. They have shared this best practice with the rest of the Traton Homes Sales Team to help other agents become more organized.

The attitude and love the two have for Traton Homes as a company are inimitable. With previous experience working for larger builders, Stowers and Weniger found a place to thrive in the privately-owned, family-like culture at Traton Homes. The two are the consummate sales team in every way and are very deserving of the Sales Team of the Year Award.

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Named after the obelisk shape of the award, the OBIE Awards presented by the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association are celebrating its 41st anniversary in 2021. The awards began in 1980 and have grown throughout the years to include more than 100 building, remodeling, marketing and personal achievement categories. To see all of this year’s OBIE award winners, visit Make sure to like, share and comment on this story.

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