With so many options, selecting a home warranty can be confusing. That is why About Sales, Inc. is excited to announce that Stonecrest Homes makes warranties easy. With Stonecrest’s new home warranty program, clients have access to the builder’s dependable warranty partners starting from their first year of homeownership.

“Stonecrest understands how important it is to protect a home from normal wear and tear,” said Suzanne Spivey, sales agent for Stonecrest Homes. “That’s why we use only quality workmanship, the right expertise and the perfect plan to build your home. With our home warranties, our commitment doesn’t stop there.”

New Home Warranty ManagementNewHome Warranty Management focuses on managing Stonecrest’s one year new home warranty consistently and fairly. A thorough home orientation is conducted prior to closing, explaining the mechanics and homeowner maintenance of the new home. NewHome is also responsible for:

•    All communication with the homeowner, including one-call warranty responses
•    Warranty walkthroughs at two and 11 months after closing
•    Coordination of all warranty repairs
•    After-hours emergency service
•    Determining warranty issues from normal maintenance responsibilities
•    Reporting and updating claims with Stonecrest Homes

Starting at the second year of homeownership, 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty, the nation’s leading home warranty 2-10 Home Buyers Warrantycompany, will cover breakdowns due to normal wear and use of major systems and appliances. Renewable annually 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty provides budget protection against unforeseen, costly repairs to the home’s systems and appliances that, even in new homes, can cost thousands of dollars. With just one call or online claim, a locally licensed technician will be dispatched with a low service fee.

Additionally, Stonecrest Homes also offers a 10 year insurance-backed structural warranty from 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty. This warranty provides 10 full years of structural defect coverage for load-bearing elements of the home beginning day one of closing. Should a structural defect occur, the claim will be handled through coverage provided by the structural warranty.

For more information about Stonecrest Homes, visit www.stonecresthomesga.com.

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