Heron Bay TennisSitting comfortably south of Atlanta, Heron Bay Golf and Country Club may just be where Locust Grove finds its “inner fitness” this holiday season. As taste buds indulge in every single spoonful of cobbler, pie and home-made fudge, a guilty conscience may have some wondering how to stay in shape, while also enjoying all of the southern holiday traditions. This resort-style community offers just what residents need to stay active during this exciting and fun time of year.

Heron Bay, a luxurious master-planned community is one of the most beautiful sights to see in autumn. With breathtaking views of nature’s own handiwork, it’s no wonder residents are finding that the easiest way to stay in shape is by simply enjoying a scenic stroll in the sprawling development. With over four miles of nature trails, residents are sure to enjoy the change of scenery while burning a few calories. Some personalities need more action than a relaxing walk, so a competitive match on the tennis court may be a better fit for the season. With organized tennis matches being played quite often, it’s easy to participate in this fast paced sport.

With Canongate Golf Club located onsite at Heron Bay, a challenging game of golf may be an exciting choice of exercise for some who want to get their hands on a set of clubs. Knowing these activities and more are available to the residents, the holidays (and yes the food) can be rather enjoyable this year. So, say goodbye to guilty eating and have that piece of holiday cake because there are plenty of activities to enjoy at Heron Bay throughout the season!

For more information on the lifestyle and new homes available in the master-planned golf community of Heron Bay Golf and Country Club in Locust Grove, GA, visit heronbayinfo.com or call the Sales and Information Center at 770-957-5633.

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