Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association hosted a press conference on the state of Atlanta’s Housing Market on May 31. Speakers included:

    • David Clough, president of HBA & Waterford Homes
    • Eugene James, MetroStudy
    • Roger Tutterow, Ph.D., Mercer University
    • Larry Liebross, COO, New Homes America

    Several key messages came out of the press conference:

    1. Atlanta’s consumer confidence frequently trends like national rates, but has been higher than the national average since 4Q2003 and is higher now.
    2. Employment growth since 2004 in Georgia has been higher than the national average. And metro Atlanta’s job growth has been higher than the rest of Gerogia’s since 2005. New jobs = more demand for housing.
    3. Georgia’s home appreciation rate has growth at a much steadier, slower rate than the national average. Slow, steady growth shows that hte Atlanta buyer is purchasing their new home as an investment, not flipping it to make a profit and artificially inflating the value ofthe home and market.

    Ryan Crawford with the Gwinnett Daily Post did a good job of summarizing the material presented in his 6/1/07 column “Housing Picture Bright.”

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