Starkey Mortgage wins Lenders Choice AwardsStarkey Mortgage (WR Starkey Mortgage, LLP NMLSR #2146) was recently named the winner of the 2013 Green Lender Award. The 14th annual Mortgage Technology Awards recognize innovative technology developers and users that are promoting more efficient and cost-effective lending practices.

This is the second time Starkey Mortgage has been honored with this award, having also been the recipient in 2011. The Green Lender Award acknowledges a lender that uses technology to promote sustainable and environmentally conscious business practices in the mortgage industry.

In 2013, Starkey Mortgage moved into its new corporate office in Plano, Texas. This gave the company the perfect opportunity to further incorporate green initiatives and reduce energy costs by installing high-efficiency cooling systems, particularly in the server room, and low-voltage lighting.

In an interview with National Mortgage News, Chief Information Officer Bill Burke explained how Starkey Mortgage was able to incorporate long-lasting green initiatives with the office move: “These technologies have been out now for a few years; they’re not cutting edge, but they’re technologies that not too many people have deployed because you don’t have the opportunity to build out a building and a server room every day.”

Starkey Mortgage prides itself on creating loyalty and long-term relationships with its customers and employees. The lender builds its business on providing compassionate and caring service, offering a variety of products, utilizing state-of-the-art technology to streamline the process and by committing to serve the communities in which Starkey is located. With nearly 14 years of experience in the mortgage industry, the company has offices throughout the United States, and it continues to set the standard in mortgage lending in each market it maintains a presence.

For more information on the services provided by Starkey Mortgage or how the lender uses environmentally-conscious practices to maintain a successful mortgage operation, please contact Regional Manager Doug Casbon (NMLSR #544324, Georgia License #33169) at, call 678-350-9020 or visit

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