SR Homes Communities are ‘Slam Dunk’ for Realtors: Jennifer Dilbeck-Guffin

Local home builder SR Homes values its relationships with the agents and Realtors that make its communities great. The SR team sat down with Jennifer Dilbeck-Guffin, who recently sold a new home at Montebello, to discuss the process of working with the builder.

With nearly 35 years of experience as an agent, Jennifer is a founding partner of RE/MAX® team Atlanta Sold Sisters.

“It’s easy to sell an SR home because of the quality construction, the ease of the process [and] they appeal to both families and retirees,” Jennifer said. “Their standard features are better than par actually; they offer a nice product for the money, and my clients that have purchased have usually made money on the resale, so it’s easy for me, it makes me look good, my clients are happy [and] SR is easy to work with, [so] it’s a win-win.”

According to Jennifer, the process with SR is easier than with most builders with its interactive Design Center and allowing agents to go with their clients.

“They do offer some of the upgrade features on-site, which is nice.” Jennifer said. “If a client comes in from out of town and they have a limited amount of time, we can go in and kind of take a look at what’s at the Design Center, make some decisions by walking the model homes and then making our final decision pretty quickly, so it’s a quick turnaround [and] an easy process.

My way of selling an SR home is I usually start with other builders first and I save the best for last, so I usually take them to other builders, I take them to resale, I give them knowledge of the area that they’re looking and then I come to SR last – and it’s usually a slam dunk. It makes my job easy.”

Depending on the neighborhood that you choose with SR Homes, they will have usually nice amenities, according to Jennifer. They will have a clubhouse, a pool, some have tennis courts.

“The overall feel of the neighborhood is there’s a lot of camaraderie, the people tend to like each other [and] do cookouts in the cul-de-sacs; it’s an active community,” Jennifer said. “The nice thing is, I just had a client come in from Chicago, they had never been to Cumming, Georgia, ever, and they’re downsizing, so the home that they chose was a single-family and they met some of the neighbors before we even started construction, and now they’re conversing back and forth with their future neighbors from Chicago, so it’s awesome, it’s a great feeling.

“I’ll come over and take pictures as the process goes and I’ll talk to the people that they’ve met, so they almost feel like they’re already a part of the neighborhood before they get here.

“SR Homes is an 11 out of 10. I love the product, I love the people, I love the company.”

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