Spring has officially sprung! To shed the winter blues, make the seasonal transition in your life by sprucing up your home with some of the latest products and trends of the season. There is definitely something about the change of seasons that motivates us to get busy and be productive. So now is the time to capitalize on that inspiration with a “to do” list of home projects: clean out your attic, paint, buy new furniture, renovate, plant a garden or whatever.

If you don’t know where to start because the clutter is too overwhelming, your space is too small or your house looks like its stuck in the 1970s, head over to IKEA for inspiration on organization, making the most out of small spaces and updating home furnishings. The reason we recommend IKEA this year is because they have a solid reputation for exceptional quality furniture and furnishings at an affordable price. With the current state of the economy, most everyone is completing their spring home maintenance and remodeling projects on a strict budget or eliminating them all together. By visiting IKEA, you are sure to find everything you need without breaking the bank.

With more inventory than you can ever imagine, the shopper-friendly store already has decorated rooms of all sizes to get your creative juices flowing. Pre-decorated rooms throughout the store feature the main furniture item as well as compliments like a bedside table and dresser and accents like rugs, plants and lamps. These model rooms are perfect for giving you an idea of what you might like your own home to look like.

This season’s favorite items are neutrals, like a beige sofa, with brilliant accents, like hot pink or sunny yellow throw pillows. With the clean, fresh look being trendy at the moment, it is easy to add a couple of dynamic focal items, new accent pieces and have a completely different room. A couple of ideas to create this transformation include either a series of picture frames hung on the wall or a single, large canvas with a coordinating rug. Whatever you opt to redecorate with, keep it simple and classy.

IKEA can be recommended to all aspiring interior designers. It is a versatile store that offers a blend of contemporary and European style and is sure to match all tastes. A favorite of IKEA is the organizational products like bookshelves and space-efficient furniture that help you get rid of the clutter and organize your life. Boxes and baskets are a great easy way to redecorate and organize at the same time. Let the change of seasons be what it takes for you to spring clean. You’ll be glad you did when you’re lounging in a clutter-free, freshly re-decorated home when the scorching summer heat is upon us and the motivation is gone.

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