Off-site storage has lots of advantages if you have items that are worth keeping but you don’t have space for. If it is worth keeping these items and paying for them each month, then they are worth spending a little extra on to make sure they are financially protected with the right kind of insurance. The Equifax Finance Blog shares some key questions you should ask when it comes to considering how to keep your valuables safe if you’re between homes in Atlanta.

The first place to look is your homeowners or renters insurance, where you might already have protection. Off-premises coverage will vary by policy and might be an additional cost, but can protect you from fire damage, theft, tornadoes and other disasters listed in the policy. Something else to look out for is that off-premises coverage will often have a limit per item.

If you are considering using a storage unit to keep expensive items like art, jewelry or antiques, you should consider extra coverage. Ontoyour homeowners or renters policy you can add an endorsement, which extends the current coverage, or you can get a floater, which provides coverage for a specific item whether it’s in your home, your storage unit or on a trip with you.

The Equifax Finance Blog has more information that can keep your precious items safe in the full article, ”

Six Questions to Ask When Shopping for Storage Unit Insurance.” While you are there, you can also find free, helpful tips on how to save money, avoid identity theft and live a more financially productive life.

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