A recent article by the Atlanta Journal Constitution states that growth in suburban Atlanta has “all but destroyed” prospects of preserving Civil War battlefields in Cobb County.  Several sites in Cobb County have been named among America’s 10 most endangered.

Cobb County’s 2884 acre Kennesaw Mountain Battefield Park preserves historic earthworks, cannon emplacements and monuments.  The day use park operates from dawn to dusk year-round and allows visitors to see the Illinois Monument, walk the Cheatham Hill Trail and much more.

The positive point I’d like to make about the article is that it blames the loss of historic sites on sprawl, NOT on the developers or builders.  We all know that builders build where the buying public wants homes.

I’d like to pose several questions.  We all have opinions on these matters & there are obviously no easy answers:

  • How should/can counties plan for growth while still preserving history?
  • Who should decide what should be preserved?
  • If land with trenches and embankments is owned by private citizens, why can’t they sell it to developers?

Your thoughts?  Other points?

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