Home sale decorationsIf you are looking at selling your home in 2014, there’s no time like now to work on a few simple upgrades that can boost curb appeal on your Atlanta real estate and bring on a more enjoyable holiday season for yourself and your guests. Equifax has just released the article “

Five Tips That Will Help You Sell Your Home in the New Year” to help you strategically plan for home improvements.

  • Paint your home. You can’t beat paint as one of the best ways to inexpensively update a home’s appearance. When getting your home ready for market, neutral or earth tones are safe bets, but you can choose from a variety of options—just stay away from anything that is offensive or that elicits strong emotions, such as red, black or neon colors. Gray is also a popular option in current trends, as it can make the colors of your home decor pop out more.
  • Don’t forget about lighting. While natural lighting is king, sometimes new windows or sunroof installation isn’t in the budget. You can, however, achieve the effect in other ways. Hanging mirrors opposite your windows magnifies the light and brightens the room. By playing with the lighting and mood, you can make the space feel very inviting.

For more tips about how to prepare your home for sale, enjoy the benefits of upgrades without breaking your wallet and get lots of

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