When you tour some of Keystone Homes’ models in Augusta, you’ll notice the trendy color red popping up around you. This primary color is a great way to spice up your interiors, but you have to be careful with this strong color, as a little bit goes a long way.

To keep red’s boldness from overwhelming a room, many designers choose to use it as an accent color. This way, the red draws attention to things you might not otherwise notice, such as pillows or candles, but it doesn’t overshadow everything else.

If you decide to add a splash of red to your interior design scheme, there are several things to keep in mind. First, decide which shade of red to use. Most designers recommend letting your own personal style and the design of your home be your guide to selecting a shade.

Traditionally designed homes should most likely stay away from the primary red and favor tones with burgundy or black in them. Examples of ways to incorporate these rich colors include painting your front door a deep red and then decorating the interior of your home with Oriental rugs, which often feature darker reds.

If you have a home with a more modern style, you can use a variety of reds to decorate. Anything from primary hues to those with burgundy or brown undertones should work with a modern design. A great way to incorporate a fun pop of color in your home would be to add a painting or other piece of artwork.

With a contemporary home that features neutral design elements, a pop of bold color can be a welcome addition. Add a splash of color to your home’s exterior by painting your front door fire-engine red, and then incorporate the color inside by adding red accent pillows, rugs, throws and more.

Many homeowners prefer “country” reds, which have a more muted, chalkier coloring than a traditional red. Reds with purple or pink hues often work well in these homes, and you can include it through knickknacks or fabrics.

If you’re contemplating incorporating red into the design scheme of your new home, be sure to visit Keystone Homes’ in-house Design Studio for more information on lighting, flooring, paint and more. This one-stop shop allows buyers to select all of the interior features of their home when they purchase from Keystone. To learn more about the design center or the many new homes offered by this Augusta home builder, visit www.BuildKeystone.com.

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