View of Lake NantahalaKnown as one of the most pristine and pure lakes in the Southeast, Lake Nantahala in North Carolina has an interesting history. The lake was formed in the 1950s when the Federal Government installed a dam on the upper Nantahala River.

From then on, Lake Nantahala became an attraction for locals and vacationers. Along with visitors, the lake has seen an interesting array of people. For instance, in the 1970s, Lake Nantahala was the training ground for the Army Green Beret and Special Forces. With camp just down the road, the soldiers flew to Lakes End Diner, a 50-year old staple for visitors, in their helicopters—which was an exciting sight for kids and fellow diners!

The lake was purchased in the 1990s by Nantahala Power and Light by Duke Power. Through the company’s environmentally friendly policies and efforts of local residents, Lake Nantahala was kept in its original condition—pristine.

Besides scarfing down the Bigfoot Burger at Lakes End Diner, vacationers can fish, go on lake tours and take world famous white water rafting and kayaking trips on the Lower Nantahala River.

To enjoy a piece of history, schedule a visit to The Village at Reflection Lake Nantahala until September 30 and be treated to a full lifestyle experience that includes:

  • Lunch at the Lakes End Diner;
  • A $25 gas card;
  • A pontoon boat tour of the clear, blue lake;
  • A tour of available lots with unbeatable Lake Nantahala views; and
  • A chance to win a weekend at the lake this fall, in a cabin that sleeps up to 14.

The Village at Reflection Lake Nantahala has lake lots starting from just $94,900. Residents will enjoy incredible views of the lake in this exclusive, gated setting. There is no build-out requirement, so buyers can take their time planning their dream vacation homes. For buyers wishing to enjoy Lake Nantahala sooner, the perfect mountain cabin program in available and includes 1,400 square foot of space with a view-facing covered porch.

Spend your vacation at a lake full of history!

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