Heron Bay Golf and Country Club located in Locust Grove falls directly on the line of Henry and Spalding Counties. There are 17Homes in Spalding County existing neighborhoods in the beautiful golf community, four of which reside within Spalding County, including the exclusive gated neighborhood of Lakeview. Recently, parents in Spalding County received great news about their school system.

According to the Spalding County Chamber of Commerce, parents are overwhelmingly satisfied with the level of progress the county schools have made towards their educational goals during 2011 to 2012. The system was recognized with the Georgia Title 1 Distinguished School System award in 2012, and was given an additional $50,000 prize for their efforts.

The school system’s success has been influenced by programs such a “Race to the Top,” and by branching out with new ideas that help shape education, such as one high school transforming itself into Career Academies. Student graduates earned more than $4 million in from local organization in scholarships to prestigious schools such as Yale, University of Georgia, Georgia Tech, Vassar and more. With an internal culture of accountability created by its leaders, Spalding County met or exceeded standards in 17 out of 18 schools.

Parents are proud of the progress made and are excited for their children to be part of such a great school system. Spalding County has once again set their goals high for 2013 and is boldly seeking solutions for improvement. Setting high expectations and executing strategies to reach goals means success and achievement for each student and being recognized as a leader in Georgia.

For more information about the Heron Bay Golf and Country Club community visit www.heronbayinfo.com or call the information center at 770-957-5633.

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