New Bathroom Features in White Bathroom

Homeowners no longer have to choose between getting ready for work or heading to the spa with the bathroom features making their way into Atlanta’s new homes. From technology to green features to health-conscious selections, today’s bathrooms are far more than utilitarian. They offer a daily experience that pampers.

Many of the luxuries homebuyers are adding to their bathrooms involve technology. In fact, the National Kitchen & Bath Association says 21% of bathroom renovations include a tech element. Common requests are connected mirrors and scales.

Technology can make modern bathrooms healthier, too. Easy-to-clean and anti-bacterial surfaces are not only beautiful, but they also help keep germs away from the things commonly touched. Similarly, motion-activated faucets, light switches or dispensers feel high-end, and they also keep dirty hands from soiling fixtures and potentially spreading germs to the next person who comes along. Air filter systems do a good job of keeping the room smelling and feeling fresh, while they also can contain special germ-killing LED lights to keep the air clean.

Increasingly, today’s homeowners want to be environmentally responsible, too, and this extends to the bathroom. Again, luxury and responsibility go hand-in-hand.

Imagine the luxury of getting into a shower before having to fiddle with the knobs to get the water just right. Today’s homeowners can pre-program high-tech showers for each person who uses them. Family members each get the water pressure and temperature they prefer while saving frustrating minutes – and potentially gallons of water – trying to get the settings right every time they bathe. The technology even allows for voice activation!

It may be old tech, but a heated towel rack is a luxury addition to many bathrooms. After all, who doesn’t want a hot towel after a relaxing bath? But it also is a water saver because it dries towels faster and extends the usage between washings.

Of course, many of the features homeowners are choosing today are for comfort or luxury, not just doing the right thing for the health of the environment or the sake of using the latest technology. Heated floors are an example. All sorts of shower additions are, too, from rain showers to handhelds to multiple showerheads in one shower. Updated storage, including extra cabinets and drawers with outlets built in, look great and help homeowners win the constant struggle with clutter at the same time. Perhaps there’s no greater luxury than that!

In the post-pandemic world, today’s new homebuyers want their bathrooms to provide an escape, to keep them healthy, and to allow for self-care. Fortunately, new technologies and updated designs are helping them live their best life, without having to schedule a spa day!

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  1. A high-tech shower sounds like the luxury that I need in my life. Have you found that there have been more releases in high-end decor tech since the pandemic? Is any, in particular, your favorite?

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