Southface Institute Hosts 2020 Greenprints Conference Virtually

The Southface Institute’s Greenprints Conference, a well-known and widely respected forum on sustainability, is moving online for its 2020 meeting. Scheduled for Thursday, August 6, the Greenprints Conference is an entire day dedicated to discussing building a regenerative economy in the Southeast. The afternoon is reserved to discuss Drawdown Georgia.

Greenprints Conference

This online forum invites attendees to discover new technologies and learn about innovative practices through discussion and dialogue from leading industry professionals. With a goal of creating a more equitable and prosperous world, the Greenprints Conference not only seeks to inform and educate, but also help grow a network of like-minded, innovative and insightful trailblazers. Architects, building professionals, members of the policy and education fields, engineers and students are all invited to register now to earn CEUs, learn about urban sustainability, join in on panel discussions, talk about regenerative policies and more. Exhibitors and sponsors are also welcomed to join in on the fun-filled learning experience. Click here to learn about opportunities to represent yourselves virtually at the Southface Institute’s 2020 Greenprints Conference.

“The legacy of Greenprints is a conference that bridges traditional technical sessions with groundbreaking engagement opportunities,” said Southface Institute President Andrea Pinabell. “In this moment, when resiliency, health and equity across our communities are so pressing, we are excited to host these important conversations in new and innovative ways.”

The morning of the virtual conference will feature several panel discussions related to homes, the workplace and technical tracks. Panelists are ready to answer several questions related to a variety of different fields and discuss topics including resilience in the face of climate change, the energy burden of vulnerable communities, Georgia energy code updates and more. There are also several unique sessions participants can follow throughout the day.

  1. Cleantech Entrepreneur Challenge: The Southface Institute partnered with Cleantech open, the world’s largest cleantech accelerator, for the 2020 Greenprints Conference. Cleantech is attending the conference virtually to give insight on the latest and most innovative green-tech designed to improve sustainability in the Southeast.
  2. Carbon Reduction and Climate in Georgia: In the afternoon, get ready to dive into Drawdown Georgia, a program designed to identify solutions to achieve carbon neutrality in Georgia. This track welcomes experts from the Georgia Institute of technology and Emory University. Topics discussed during this panel include opportunities to reduce and reverse carbon emissions in building materials, electricity generation, food systems, transportations and more.
  3. Designing for Resilience and Efficiency: From 11 a.m. to 12 noon, join several speakers, including President of Denim Marketing Carol Morgan, in a discussion on how the population of Atlanta continues to grow and how this affects climate change. Also learn about resilient and efficient housing and how it has become a critical component of a regenerative economy.

“With more than 40% of the world’s carbon emissions coming from commercial buildings and 70% of greenhouse gas emissions coming from cities, the opportunities to make a difference are huge,” said Pinabell. “Whatever level you’re at—entry, professional or expert—Greenprints is the place to meet industry trendsetters and explore ways you and your organization can benefit from regenerative practices in 2020 and beyond.”

The two Keynote speakers attending the Southface Institute’s 2020 Greenprints Conference are K.P. Reddy and John Lanier. Reddy has over 25 years of experience in disruptive innovations and is the founder of Shadow Ventures. Shadow Ventures is a seed-stage tech investment firm. Reddy has several years of experience with advanced technologies, AI, robotics, automation, mobile applications and cloud computing. Reddy is also the author of “BIM for Building Owners and Developers” and “What you Know About Startups is Wrong.”

Lanier, the afternoon keynote speaker, is the executive director of the Ray C. Anderson Foundation and a board member of the Southface Institute. The Ray C. Anderson Foundation has a goa lof promoting a sustainable society through groundbreaking initiatives that unite the community. The foundation supports and funds several projects that help create a healthy and functioning natural system for the youth of tomorrow.

To learn more about the Southface Institute’s 2020 Greenprints Conference, click here.

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