With Christmas right around the corner, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by your daunting list of to-do’s in preparation for Christmas Day. Between shopping, decorating, baking and preparing for guests, it’s easy to get swept away in your seemingly never-ending task list instead of enjoying the season for all it has to offer. Enter Soleil Laurel Canyon — here to provide you with a list of holiday hacks to help ease the stress of the holidays!

  1. Use red plastic cups to neatly store and organize your Christmas ornaments.
  2. Wrap your Christmas lights around a hanger to keep them from getting tangled.
  3. Turn your leftover gingerbread cookies into ornaments that will last for years by simply coating them with three coats of varnish.
  4. Use hot glue to hang Christmas lights on brick.
  5. Make Christmas Day fun for the kids with these easy, DIY kid’s activities. Directions can be found here.
  6. Load your icing into condiment bottles for an easy cookie decorating party.
  7. Reuse an old wastebasket or wine crate to organize your leftover wrapping paper rolls.
  8. Make your home smell festive by bringing some water to a boil and adding clove and cinnamon.
  9. Use toothpaste to easily remove sticky tree sap from your hands.
  10. Take a picture of the contents of your refrigerator and pantry before you venture out to the grocery store to ensure you purchase all of your needed ingredients.

What holiday hacks have you found useful over the years? Be sure to share with Soleil Laurel Canyon on their Facebook page!

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