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    Social media can be overwhelming for businesses. There are so many options, so much chatter and so many ways for things to go sideways. On today’s Marketing Minute segment of Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio, co-hosts Carol Morgan and Todd Schnick cover some social media basics to improve performance and decrease frustration.

    The first thing Schnick and Morgan remind people about social media is that it rarely provides an immediate and sustained payoff. Schnick says, “It takes time. You have to plant seeds, give them time to grow. They have to grow roots and develop.”  Morgan agrees that social media often can give the impression that creating a Facebook page and sending a few updates to Twitter will bring customers in the door. But the reality is that a social media strategy that looks long term and engages people will lead to better, lasting results.

    Speaking of engagement, the pair agrees that this is the sweet spot, for two reasons. The first is that the more  customers “like” or comment on a page, the more that business will appear in their timeline. Secondly, this shows where social media time and money can best be spent. When a post is “creative, and it makes people laugh,” it has the highest return on investment. The goal with any post is to engage a customer to like and comment on the message, and then to share it.

    Not every channel is right for every business. Morgan says, “It’s better to choose two or three, plus your blog, and do them well.” Execute a plan to the highest degree of quality and purpose on a few platforms rather than trying to commit to covering all of them.  Not all platforms are relevant for all businesses and it’s okay to opt out.

    Listen to today’s segment to gain more social media tips from the pros.


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