During the Atlanta Housing Summit, John Hunt of ViaSearch pointed out that home buyers don’t use social media sites to look for Atlanta real estate or new homes.  Going to Twitter to buy your next new home? Doubt it!

Don’t get sidetracked by the BLING BLING of social networking, the power of social media marketing is its ability to increase traffic to your main Web site.  If you don’t have a strategic social media marketing plan to increase traffic to your main Web site, you might be missing 50% of your referral traffic, as well as a large percentage of traffic from the search engines.  AND your competitors, who do have an effective social media strategy are happily capturing your traffic and your potential buyers.

Can you really afford to ignore Internet traffic? Don’t 85% of home buyers shop online first and humm, don’t most of those searches start on Google with organic search? Providing ways for buyers to find your site is key. Do you want them to have one way to find your Web site online or many?

John also suggested that you track your return on investment for where you spend your marketing dollars. It used to be said that 50% of your marketing dollars were wasted, you just didn’t know which 50%. No more guessing. Thanks to analytics and tracking reports, you can tell where your best quality traffic comes from and where you should be spending your money.

Don’t get distracted by the Bling, Bling and don’t take my word for it. Review your Web site tracking report.  Make sure you ask the right questions and consult with experts who understand the Internet. When you are ready to talk, call 770-383-3360. And you don’t even have to listen to 30 minutes of paid advertising (shhh sponsorships) to read this post.

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