Siemens Electric Car Chargers

Siemens eMobility just launched a new and improved generation of the VersiCharge AC Series electric car chargers designed for commercial and residential use. The company focuses on implementing new electromobility designs using technology trends to build a more sustainable future. The third-generation electric vehicle (EV) charger furthers this vision by paving the path for carbon reduction and air quality improvement.

“Modularity, scalability and a focus on open standards are key requirements for EV Charging infrastructure.  Our next-generation product is designed to help both the commercial and residential sectors realize their carbon reduction goals with a solution that can effectively grow with them over time,” said John DeBoer, head of Siemens eMobility and Future Grid Business Unit.

The VersiCharge AC Series possesses numerous new features like scalability, cost-efficient, charging power increase, indoor and outdoor capabilities, cybersecurity protocols and mobile app set-up. Additionally, the VersiCharge AC Series will be the first-ever EV charger to interact with business management systems to allow operators to monitor, manage and adjust the system as they please.

The newest generation’s updated charging power of 11.5 kW of alternating current and multiple configurations tailor the product more toward multi-family, workplaces, and utility applications. For example, the user can set up a parent-child configuration.

“We’ve developed the VersiCharge AC series so that cities, businesses and individuals can make the most of what EVs have to offer now and in the years to come,” said DeBoer.

The VersiCharge AC series is interoperable across all Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) – the application protocol used between EV charging stations and a management system – charging networks and any personal vehicle.

The home charger includes an easy-to-use mobile app with a smart interface and flexible Internet connectivity. The compact commercial charger is designed to fit any location such as airports, parking garages, retail facilities or hospitals. If storing the charger in a garage, it will not take up too much space as it can be wall or post mounted.

Siemens eMobility continues to set new transportation standards as it integrates new technology into its designs. Follow their progress and stay up to date by visiting their website. For more information, contact Tim Randolph, Business Development Manager-Home Builders, 615-430-7645 or

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