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Academy Mortgage is back with this week’s Mortgage Minute series. Today, Gina Spearman continues to discuss the reasons why buyers prefer to purchase a new home instead of a resale (ie. used) home:  the great amenity package a new community has to offer.

When purchasing a new home in an amenity-rich community, buyers also receive access to these amenities. These might include a swimming pool, cabana, tennis courts, playgrounds, clubhouse, fitness center and more. The sky is the limit with amenity packages! Not only do many communities offer these amenity packages, but since the community is new, the amenities will be, too. Just like your new home, you will be able to be one of the first to enjoy these amenities. This will add to the lifestyle of your new community, and it also allows you unique ways to spend time with your neighbors, friends and family.

Another great benefit to purchasing a new home is being able to customize the home to meet your lifestyle needs. Many communities offer the option of choosing among different elevations that include Tudor, traditional, Craftsman-style and more. Not only do you get to style the home to your liking, but you can also financially benefit by being able to roll the customizations into your purchase price and, therefore, your loan amount. This means that you can finance some of those features that are important to you. If you were to purchase a resale or used home, chances are you would have to make any style changes after the sell and it would be an out-of-pocket, upfront expense.


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