Sherwin-Williams Colormix Forecast

A new palette of colors has been forecasted for 2021! Each year, Sherwin-Williams divides 40 unique paint colors into four separate pallets based on distinct categories, including global color, design and pop culture trends. The widely-trusted paint company recently announced its 2021 Colormix Forecast and it does not disappoint. Showcasing the theme “Rhythm of Color”, these upcoming palettes create a unique balance between “fast and slow”, “quiet and expressive” and “virtual and physical”.

In 2020 Sherwin-Williams’ Colormix Forecast told a story about using color exploration to help individuals stay grounded as we entered a new decade. This year, that story continues with a much deeper meaning. This whole new collection of palettes explores the past present and future with a rhythm of colors that represent slowing down and exploring the new world we live in today.

The four palettes vary greatly from one another while still connecting to the theme. Influenced by Scandinavian and biophilic design, the Sanctuary pallet features earthy shades of muted greens, browns and whites. Sanctuary is a word that resonates with many in light of the ongoing pandemic. The neutral and understated shades of this palette evoke the safe and peaceful feeling of our own personal sanctuaries. Similarly, the Encounter palette also offers an earthy tone with a bit more warmth and punch. The rich blue and red-shade pinks are bold yet neutral and combine beautifully with the with its beautiful blues, red-shade pinks and rich brown tones.

In contrast to the other two pallets, Continuum and Tapestry offer a much more colorful collection of hues. Intended to highlight how people live, Continuum contrasts white and charcoal with peppier shades of bright yellow and soft lavender. For those looking something a bit more adventurous, Tapestry offers just that. Signaling joy, this bright palette takes things to the next level with a beautiful mix of loud pinks, yellows and periwinkles layered together for a seamless look.

How do you plan on incorporating theses palettes into your home this upcoming year? Let us know!

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