Sharp Residential is honored to be chosen as the featured builder by Atlanta Builders Club Rewards in January. Builders Club Rewards is an exciting program that allows builders like us to earn reward points for doing business with the industry’s leading suppliers.

Here’s a look at some of what the feature article had to say about company president Tom Sharp:

Sharp Residential was created in 1991 in order to fulfill Tom Sharp’s dream of being known for his architectural creativity and customizations in a community that is built with the best in integrity and value.

Tom, who was originally a pre-law student in college, realized early on that home building was his true passion. After graduation, he worked with General Homes and Stancraft Homes before deciding to start his own venture that would focus on creativity and the consumer.

Throughout the years, Tom has stayed true to this original dream, “Our mission is to produce quality homes with innovative features for growing families,” Tom said. “What makes Sharp unique is our ability to change our product based on current demands of the customer.”

Even when the Atlanta new homes market took a turn for the worse and the company had to cut back on what it was doing, Tom guaranteed that Sharp Residential stayed true to its brand. Tom said, “By virtue of being good stewards of our product and our process we were able to survive…we were able to continue to build our brand with integrity.”

He has been rewarded for his efforts by being recognized repeatedly as one of the best in the industry. Tommy Fuqua of Fuqua & Associates is one such fan of Tom’s. He notes that Tom’s persistence to constantly developing new ideas and staying on the leading edge has helped him earn successes such as being named a top 10 homebuilder in Atlanta.

Since day one, he has remained faithful to his desire to always be involved in every decision the company makes whether that means walking a home under construction, talking to homeowners or developing new plans.

It’s all of these details that are extremely apparent when buying a home from Sharp Residential, and it is why we are proud to stand behind our missions as a hands-on custom builder for the Atlanta real estate market.

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