Summer is here, which means that families everywhere will be heading outside to spend time in the backyard. No matter which type of home you have, if it includes a patio, chances are that you’ve considered sprucing it up a bit. Keystone Homes has seven great tips for adding a little decorative flair to your patio.

  1. If you have an uncovered patio, adding an awning or large patio umbrella can add some much needed shade from the summer heat.
  2. Decorating your patio with plants or flowers allows you to explore your creative side. Pick out your favorite colors and varieties, then plan your layout. The plants and flowers aren’t the only things that can be customized – try picking out different styles of pots, stands and hangers as well.
  3. Painting the concrete floor or adding a colorful outdoor rug is a simple step that can make your patio feel more like an outdoor living space.
  4. In keeping with the “outdoor living” theme, why not utilize patio furniture such as chairs, a small table or even a wooden glider?
  5. If you and your family plan on spending a lot of times outside during the evening, decorative lighting is a great alternative to simply leaving the back porch light on. Plus, you can use solar-powered lighting and save money on electricity.
  6. Don’t forget to accessorize! While the shape and size of your decorations will largely depend on the size of your patio, a statue or fountain can add some character to your outdoor space.
  7. By sectioning off a portion of your patio with a trellis and a plant box with a climbing plant, you can create a private outdoor sitting area.

If you’ve yet to decide on the perfect home for you and your family, Keystone Homes has quality new homes in several Augusta, Ga., communities. We strive to make your homebuying experience as stress-free as possible and will work with you every step of the way. To find out more about us and our available homes, visit the Keystone Homes website.

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