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Social media seems to become a part of everything we do, whether it be posting pictures of a delicious meal on Facebook, a group of friends on Instagram, tweeting how bad traffic was today or checking restaurant hours on Google My Business or Yelp or even creating home decor pinterest boards. Social media has definitely made its way into your home through popular sites like Pinterest that have thousands of ideas on how exactly to turn your new home into the most well-decorated home of your dreams.

If you are like most Pinterest users, you have hundreds of design ideas pinned to numerous boards, which can be overwhelming at times. Here are a few tips on how to organize your boards using Pinterest to help you gather your ideas and narrow down your style choices.

  1. Get inspired by creating a general design idea board where you can pin any image that appeals to you. Before long, you may see certain patterns emerging from your pins, such as a certain furniture style or color scheme.
  2. Create pinboards for individual rooms to help you be more specific. When you decide which rooms you want to focus on, create a pinboard for each one so that you can keep your ideas separate and keep from feeling overwhelmed.
  3. Take notes each time you pin or repin items by adding your own comments in the description area. For example, if you love a specific patterned chair in a picture of a living room, put “patterned chair” in the description to remind yourself of why you liked that particular pin.
  4. Pin from the source so that you will have the link back to the specific product page when it comes time to buy. Often, repined images do not lead back to the actual product page, and you can spend hours combing the Internet for the perfect throw pillows. Install Pinterest’s “Pin It” button to your web browser and on your phone, so that you can pin whenever you come across something that appeals to you.
  5. Search for specifics if you have a particular interest in something. Use Pinterest’s search bar to find specific items of interest, like ‘Lucite chair’ if you have been dying to have a new, clear Lucite desk chair. You can also use the categories feature to search topics, like ‘home décor,’ by accessing the dropdown menu for Pinterest categories.
  6. Follow store, designer brands or design magazines to help you discover new products or ideas. For example, if you love a simple Southern style, you may want to follow Pottery Barn and Southern Living magazine.
  7. Edit your boards regularly and don’t be afraid to delete pins. If you’ve changed your mind about a specific color scheme or dining room table, get rid of it. Or you could create a board for “alternative options” and move it there if you’re still on the fence about it. It’s important to remember that your new home probably only needs one dining room table, and by keeping your boards clean and focused, you’ll have an easier time making decorating decisions for your home.

Let us know what other ideas you have for organizing home decor pinterest boards!


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