Hosts Todd Schnick and Bryan Nonni are joined by Brian Clowdus, the founder and executive director of Serenbe Playhouse on today’s Around Atlanta edition of the Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio show.

Originally from a small town in Alabama, Clowdus spent the early part of his professional career as a working actor in New York City. After moving back to the South for graduate school, Clowdus discovered the Serenbe community. He approached the community to build a playhouse in Serenbe, and they agreed. The Serenbe Playhouse is now going into its seventh season as a theatre company.

Serenbe is a 1,000-acre community where 30 percent of the land is development and 70 percent of the community always remains as green space. “When I first approached Serenbe, they liked the idea, but said there isn’t a physical structure to house a theatre company. So I said, ‘Let’s just try it outside and see if it works,’” said Clowdus. In the first summer of production, the company produced three small-scale, outdoor plays. Needless to say, the uniqueness of this company began to spread via word of mouth.

This idea of outdoor theatre really took hold, so Serenbe Playhouse reworked its mission statement to become an outdoor, site-specific company. The same location is never used twice, and all the materials and environment are used within the plays. As a result, the sites and plays are chosen based on Clowdus’ vision. “There’s been lots of national buzz because we’re doing something so different. It’s like I’ve said, if you’re going to start a company, you have to do it better than anybody else or do something completely different,” explained Clowdus.

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