keystone homesWhen purchasing a new home in Augusta, selecting the design elements is one of the most enjoyable yet important aspects of the process. While there are many factors that go into creating the décor that makes your family feel at home, selecting the right paint color can affect the entire mood of a room. Everyone has their own preferences, such as liking bold colors, white walls or basic neutrals. If you are struggling with choosing the right paint color for your new home, here is a sample of paint colors that are trending for 2014:

Pretty Pastels: Many experts say that pastel colors are becoming more popular, and Pantone’s selection of Radiant Orchid as the 2014 Color of the Year seemed to solidify that belief. One way to bring pastels into your home is by trying a pale coral shade in your bedroom. While this color has the lightheartedness of pink, it is more sophisticated thanks to its chalky-gray undertones.

Sing the Blues: Turquoise is a great way to bridge the gap between blue and green hues, and it makes you feel as if you’re in a warm, sunny place. To create a more soothing and relaxing space, try an indigo that nears purple or a midnight blue. Or, you can choose to go even darker by selecting a blue/black shade that can be considered neutral, which works well with black, pale blue and other silver, watery shades.

Sunshine Yellow: To add a bright splash of color to your new Atlanta home, try a tart yellow that has a few drops of orange that brings to mind a yellow rain slicker. Another trending color that feels wholesome and authentic is a golden yellow that is reminiscent of a marigold. Experts say this color brings new life into a room. Another option that is less bold would be a pale, luminous yellow, such as The Voice of Color’s 2014 Color of the Year, Turning Oakleaf. Although the hue is soft, it has a strong presence and an optimistic, enlightened vibe.

Spring Green: Experts in the design field say that green will continue its dominance as an important design color. A beautiful, emerald green was selected as Pantone’s fall color for 2013, and that trend of seeing green will continue well into the new year in fashion, home décor and much more. As the first color you see every spring, green is a renewable and refreshing color to add into your home.

Neutral Grays: Gray will continue to be a popular shade, but the new trend is to use a complex gray that offers an undertone of another color. For instance, if you want to create a cozy, safe space, then try a warm gray with yellow and red undertones. Yellow undertones also work well to promote a quieter surrounding, as does a gray with a hint of green. However, a classic gray is sophisticated and elegant and works well with many natural materials, such as wood and linen.

When searching for a new Augusta home to make your own, be sure to visit one of the many communities built by Keystone Homes. Featuring a wide range of floor plans and prices, there is sure to be a home for you. For more information on all of Keystone Homes’ communities, visit

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