Search local when saving money with scholarshipsWith the rising cost of college, finding extra money can make a world of difference if you are a parent working on saving money for retirement or an Atlanta new home. While there is still a wealth of public financing options, private grants and scholarships are plentiful and can cut the total cost for higher education. The Equifax Finance Blog explores some tips and strategy for finding funding help in the article, “

Finding Private Scholarships.”

The article explains winning scholarships takes work, and successful scholarship recipients often consider seeking and earning scholarships to be a part-time job. Like bargain or treasure hunting, finding the right scholarships becomes a game of finding great value hiding in plain sight. While there are huge scholarships out there, they are well-known and have fierce competition. A scholarship-seeker can have much better chances to win with smaller, less known grants. There is an even better chance to win if the scholarship is local. These smaller scholarships may not be posted online, so be sure to ask around at sites like local libraries and high schools. Like many money-saving techniques, small achievements can add up to a big return.

National sites can also have a wealth of options for

saving money on big universities. Each of the three prominent sites, Fastweb, ScholarPRO and, makes finding the right scholarships for your situation easier through personalized offerings and search functions.

For more

money management tips, explore the wealth of articles on the Equifax Finance Blog.

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