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As your children head back to school, you’ve no doubt felt the financial weight of buying back-to-school supplies. However, if your child’s list consisted of basic essentials – pencils, paper, clothes, etc. – consider yourself lucky. According to a recent article on, technology is at the top of most lists these days.

With the explosion of tablets and ultralight laptops, computers are quickly replacing traditional three-ring binders in many classrooms. And although buying your child a new iPad for college may not seem practical, new accessories can transform a tablet into a note-taking machine (or at least that’s how children will spin it.)

One thing tablets are good at is reading e-books. Thanks to free apps from Amazon and Barnes & Noble, your child can read books on a mobile device. Plus, there will be no heavy books to carry around. As an added bonus, most e-versions of textbooks are significantly cheaper than the physical copies. Of course, if all your child needs is a mobile library of books, a Kindle or Nook may be a less expensive solution.

So what was on your child’s school supply list this year? Will you be buying a tablet, laptop or e-reader for academic purposes? Let us know in the comments.

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