Sammy Baker On-Air: Contractor’s Best Pest Solution, State Senate Run

As a 10-year small business owner in Gwinnett County, Sammy Baker has the business experience to make a difference for Gwinnett County and Georgia at the State Capitol. Baker joins Co-Hosts Carol Morgan and Todd Schnick on this week’s Around Atlanta segment of Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio to discuss his company, Contractor’s Best Pest Solution, and upcoming run for the Georgia Senate.

In addition to founding and owning Contractor’s Best Pest Solution, Baker has been involved in the homebuilding industry for 26 years.

“I see a real challenge with builders trying to build houses at an economical cost,” Baker said. “We have design elements now that local control is really taking over.”

Examples of such design elements include putting garage entries on the rear of the home or the use of specific types of shingle or siding or requiring homes be four-sides brick. According to Baker one county has even decided that slab homes aren’t good.

“They are really causing, by the design element, the cost of housing to really go up,” Baker said. “It starts with the architect that has to draw it and redraw it and redraw it to get it to fit their design element bills.”

According to Baker, these new laws are causing the prices of homes to increase $30,000 to $40,000, per house. This increase cuts people out of the American dream by offering minimal entry-level product to homebuyers.

In an effort to get more involved and help provide solutions for workforce housing and related issues, Baker is running for Georgia State Senate District 45 in Gwinnett County. Baker’s campaign platform focuses on several issues:

Term Limits for Legislators

Baker believes in a government run by private citizens, not by special interests, and will work to pass legislation limiting state legislator terms.

Term Limits for Commissioners

Baker will also work on a hyper-local level to limit the terms that Gwinnett County Commissioners can serve to two terms.

Leadership to Keep Gwinnett’s 287g in Effect

In opposition to liberal Democrats to end the program, Baker will support to keep Gwinnett County’s 287g program, which keeps illegal immigrants who are arrested, off the streets.

Smaller Government to Protect Homeowners

As a conservative and small business owner, Baker believes that local and state governments should not limit homeowners’ rights, and he will work to protect Gwinnett homeowners from big government.

“I’m going in with a goal and a mission of certain things I would really like to work hard on,” Baker said. “I think once I get those things accomplished, then somebody younger than me needs to come in [with] some new ideas to help our state. I think if you stay in there too long, I think you lose your way, and I don’t want to lose my way.”

To learn more about Baker’s vision and leadership plan, listen to the complete interview above. Visit to donate or volunteer to put up a yard sign, host a meet and greet, make phone calls or knock on doors.

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