Risk & Insurance ConsultantsWhat is the benefit of using an independent insurance agency over a large company, one might ask? Risk & Insurance Consultants offers an explanation to this inquiry. The number one benefit is that they are there to represent YOU, helping you find the best commercial insurance coverage in Atlanta.

By putting the client first, Risk & Insurance Consultants finds the best options to fit all of your needs. Having access to a broad scope of carriers, they will work to find coverage tailored to your personal lifestyle and financial constraints. From personal and health to risk, this firm will provide one, two, or more coverage options in their Atlanta home base or across the country.

Aside from catering to all your insurance needs, there are countless other benefits of using Risk & Insurance Consultants, some of which including:

•    A team with decades of experience
•    Licensed in 32 states
•    Exemplary customer service
•    Always treating each customer as an individual
•    Always open to answer questions and concerns
•    Providing knowledge to make you a more informed insurance customer
•    Accepting accountability to resolve problems
•    Their claims office is in the same location as their main office
•    Providing thorough and accurate information
•    Always ensuring your privacy is protected

If you are on the market for new insurance, call Risk & Insurance Consultants today at 404-459-5975. They will be happy to consult with you over the phone or meet with you at their Atlanta office. Don’t let yourself settle, and always remember your insurance agency must be there for YOU.

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