Ty Pennington Smart Thermostat

When it comes to the home building process, homebuyers must place their trust in a variety of people: the builder, the lender and the Realtor, to name a few. Jackson EMC spokesperson Ty Pennington explains why a Right Choice Home from Jackson EMC is a home you know you can trust.

Quality control is built right into the Right Choice Home inspection process. That translates to long-term savings, guaranteed comfort for you and your family and added value to the lifetime of the home!

On average, Right Choice homes are 20 to 30 percent more efficient on heating and cooling costs than standard homes. A three-year energy warranty guarantees that your Right Choice Home’s heating and cooling energy costs will be below a specified amount each year.

“I’ve been in construction a long time and I can promise you that a Jackson EMC Right Choice Home is designed and built to the highest standards,” explains Ty. “That’s all part of Jackson EMC’s promise to provide the highest levels of energy efficiency.”

Right Choice Homes must meet strict building standards, specifically when it comes to the walls, ceiling and penetrations. Ty Pennington states, “Your family deserves a home that’s built better than code minimums, one that is worthy of your hard-earned dollars, and one that enhances the quality of your life.”

Click here to learn more about the Right Choice difference. Additionally, Jackson EMC offers a variety of tools for existing homeowners to begin saving on home energy costs including a Home Energy Monitor, rebates and more – visit www.JacksonEMC.com/SaveNow for more information.

*Ask your Jackson EMC representative for complete warranty terms and conditions.