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    It seems like every day, a hot, new app or a fancy, fresh social media platform is released. These shiny, newfangled tools tempt plenty of companies away from their strategic marketing plan, away from the importance of  well-designed, responsive websites.

    On today’s mRELEVANCE Marketing Minute segment on Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio, host Todd Schnick is joined by mRELEVANCE managing partners Carol Morgan and Mitch Levinson to discuss why websites are still central to any great marketing plan.

    According to Levinson, websites are vital for potential customers who are turning to their phones for more than phone calls. Customers can have a business in the literal palm of their hand if the website is designed to be viewed on mobile devices, which Levinson says is absolutely critical.

    In fact, Google and other search engines will not service sites that are not mobile-friendly. They also prefer companies only build one site, rather than separate sites for both desktop and mobile devices. This means that without a mobile-friendly site, companies drastically reduce their chances of being found.

    Morgan and Levinson make the case that a Facebook presence simply is not enough to attract mobile customers. “Your social media is supposed to drive traffic back to your website, which is something you own completely.” It is so important, that they suggest a website is “the foundation,” for any strategic marketing plan.

    The partners discuss how apps differ from websites in the upfront commitment level required. Further, they suggest that companies invest in merchandising their product, for example a model home, without investing in a responsive website, fail to realize that a website is the company’s online front door to the world. It should be a good one.

    Listen to the full interview above to learn more about the key essentials of a good website, the importance in analytics and more. Contact Marketing RELEVANCE to learn how your business website could be improved for the better.


    Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio’s “Marketing Minute” segments air on Wednesdays and is sponsored by Marketing RELEVANCE. The segments highlight the latest marketing strategies and tactics, from branding and social media to the latest technology and tools, all to help sharpen your business’ approach to marketing and public relations and to drive your message. If you have a topic you would like covered on Marketing Minutes, or want to learn more about using a topic as a marketing advantage for business, contact mRELEVANCE at 770-383-3360. Please download and subscribe to all of the Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio podcasts on iTunes and if you like this week’s show, be sure to rate it.


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