One thing is certain around the Soleil Laurel Canyon community: residents are eager to remain active and enjoy all that the resort life has to offer. You may think of the resort life as a day on the golf course or an evening with neighbors, enjoying the sunset over the North Georgia Mountains, but it extends well beyond that. Residents are deeply involved outside of the Soleil community as well. It’s no surprise to see Soleil residents in Canton and other towns across North Georgia, dedicating their time to give back to the community and those in need.

Like their eagerness to involve themselves in events and activities inside and outside of the community, residents are excited to share their story on how Soleil has changed their lives forever. Dick and Cynthia Rubant moved to the community almost six years ago and haven’t looked back. Soleil has become their gateway to not only staying active, but to engaging with those who are in need. Dick and Cynthia said this of their involvement outside of Soleil, “Some of what we’re involved in is outside of the community: doing meals on wheels, volunteering and the Optimist Club that meets outside of Soleil, working for children of the community.”

Their experiences over the past several years are a perfect example that there is something for everyone at Soleil Laurel Canyon. Cynthia said, “I started a cooking club here and we meet on Mondays and Fridays. We do lots of things together for charity and for the community.” There’s something to be said for the opportunity to pioneer one’s own lifestyle at Soleil while being able to focus their time and energy towards their passion. In Dick and Cynthia’s case, their passion is for helping others. Dick and Cynthia also said, “This has been a wonderful five years of our life. We are very, very pleased and we will remain here the rest of our lives.”

Are you ready to focus your time and energy on your passion? Like Soleil residents always say, it’s your time to do what you want, when you want! The opportunity to explore everything that active adult living has to offer at Soleil is waiting for you. Visit to learn more, or see what premier active adult living is really like by taking a Discovery Tour. Call 678-880-3071 to schedule your tour today.

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