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Being a homeowner is a stressful venture, partly because of the qualms that owning a home brings with the cost in updates and renovations and projected resale value. In contrast, there is also an argument to be made that buying or building a new home is just as stressful thanks to the search for a prime location – it is hard to be a dream house if it is on a bad site. On this week’s All About Real Estate edition of Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio, co-hosts Carol Morgan and Todd Schnick are joined by Wade Works Creative Owners Pauli and Chip Wade. Pauli oversees the Wade Works real estate team while Chip serves as the lead creator.

The team works as the glue between the three unique branches at Wade Works Creative: the architecture and design branch, the real estate branch and the production branch.

Wade Works Creative serves a variety of purposes to home buyers and owners. For example, current owners looking to conduct renovations on their existing home would consult with Wade Works Creative to determine if the cost and value of the house measure out to the renovation cost, or if time would be better spent looking for a new home instead – with the help of the real estate team at Wade Works Creative of course.

“We really strive to give a really top-shelf product to anyone who’s looking to make an educated home purchasing decision of any kind,” said Chip. “That’s really what our mission is.”

The consulting firm can also lend a hand in the hunt for perfectly located land, thanks to the real estate branch, to then build a custom home on. Creative. From the entry-level buyer to the more high-end, move-up consumer, Wade Works Creative tailors their services to accommodate every level of homeownership.

Wade Works Creative develops a partnership with its clients, taking into account their needs and desires, but serving as the expert opinion in the process to determine if these desires are attainable at the right price point.

Evolving with the digital world, Chip Wade is hosting a Facebook Live epi-series, Life Skills with Chip Wade, with DIY Network every Tuesday at 7 p.m. To learn more about Wade Works Creative and their innovative approach to the home renovation and building process, listen to the above interview or visit


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