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On today’s All About Real Estate segment of Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio, co-hosts Carol Morgan and Todd Schnick are joined by Peter Michelson, CEO of Renewal Design-Build, to discuss the firm’s projects, services, upcoming home trends and more.

Based in Decatur, Renewal Design-Build is a full-service design-build firm focused on residential properties. Michelson’s family has been in the construction industry since the 1800s. His great grandfather began the family’s company in Boston in 1896 and the family has been in commercial construction in Boston ever since. Today, Michelson and his brother co-own Renewal Design-Build, which was introduced in Atlanta in 2001. Michelson says the company brings the professionalism of commercial construction to the “Wild West of residential remodeling,” where the standards are not always uniform.

Renewal Design-Build specializes in helping families adjust to life changes or giving new life to older, smaller houses. This system is perfect for families whose in-laws are moving in with them, couples who have a baby on the way, or whose homes feel outdated or need more space. The process, Michelson says, is all about listening. Renewal Design-Build needs to understand the client’s needs, budget, wanted aesthetics, the current home, its surrounding area and more.

Another special part of Renewal Design-Build’s process is its 3D design development, where the innovative, problem-solving ideas of the designers can come to life. Customers can skip imagining what the result may look like after viewing a blueprint or 2D drawing. This method, Michelson says, makes the customer more confident about the finished product.

This virtual reality method also allows Renewal-Design Build to stay in budget during a project. Formerly a build-only firm, Renewal Design-Build has both the construction expertise to keep a realistic budget and the design expertise the design within that budget. Many projects, Michelson says, include adding second stories and owner’s suites.

As for the outdated homes, Michelson says the design team has clients create inspiration boards on Houzz so that what one client believes is contemporary and the design team’s idea of contemporary is the same. This helps the design team create the desired aesthetic when a client needs their home rejuvenated.

Renewal Design-Build works mainly in the intown neighborhoods, including Virginia Highlands, Buckhead, Morningside and more up to the Sandy Springs area.

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renewal design-build


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