We’ve all been through some rough times during the past few years thanks to the economic downturn. But, now that the market is getting better, many buyers are looking to start a new chapter in their lives by purchasing a new home in Atlanta. However, just how long will those bumps and bruises on your credit report keep you from qualifying for a mortgage? Here’s a look at how long you will have to wait to apply for a loan after going through a foreclosure, short sale or bankruptcy filing.


  • Conventional loans-Seven years
  • FHA loans-Three years
  • VA loans-Two Years

Short Sales:

  • Conventional loans with 20 percent down-Two years
  • Convention loans with 10 percent down-Four years
  • Conventional loans with less than 10 percent down-Seven years
  • FHA loans-Three years
  • VA loans-Two years


  • Conventional loans-Four years
  • FHA loans-Two years
  • VA loans-Two years


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