In the 1800’s, a painted red front door was a welcome sign for weary travelers. It meant the owners of the home would take them in for the night. Today, Red Door Homes uses that same symbol to promote their philosophy of affordable home ownership to people all over the country. The company, along with local builder Keystone Homes, is proud to be part of the “custom built on your land” division for the Central Savannah River Area.

Red Door Homes provides affordable, quality-built homes for landowners within a 50 mile radius of its Aiken County office. Whether you’re looking to build on rural acreage or a neighborhood lot, Red Door Homes is committed to creating the home of your dreams. And because of the partnership with Keystone Homes, buyers will have access to an even greater variety of floor plans.

One thing that makes Red Door Homes unique is the “DIY” option in which homebuyers can choose to do some of the work themselves and build instant equity in their home.  While this isn’t for everyone, those who want to do their own work on certain projects can save money on labor and material costs. They can also build equity in their new home before it’s even finished.

For more information on Red Door Homes and to see the available floor plans offered visit or call toll-free at 1-877-593-2502.

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  1. I have a home being built and my slab has stone showing where there is stone in the concrete! Is this right? I have a picture of it but can’t post it

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