Ready or Not: New Ty Talks Coming Soon!

What better way to familiarize yourself with Jackson EMC than an informative video from Ty Pennington? From previous videos, you can see that the videos are efficient, to-the-point and 100 percent educational. It’s no surprise that Ty has a way with words and can deliver an engaging message.

Nobody likes to wait, but we can promise that these new videos are going to be more informative than ever. New Ty Talks videos will focus on lighting, Right Choice Homes, smart thermostats, warranties and more:

Have you ever asked yourself how much money can energy-efficient lighting really save me? Ty has already touched on this question in one YouTube video.  His previous video touches on LED lighting and the many benefits it offers to a home. New videos will be packed with more information and more ways to save!

Right Choice Homes
There are a few Jackson EMC YouTube videos which give a brief explanation of what Right Choice is and the benefits of the program. Right Choice homes are all built from the ground up by industry-leading professionals. There is so much you don’t see that makes a Right Choice home energy efficient. Jackson EMC Right Choice homes offer guaranteed savings, plus two warranties! If you’re looking for more knowledge on this one-of-a-kind program, stay tuned for the new Ty Talks videos!

Smart Thermostats
On Ty’s current YouTube video regarding smart thermostats, he begins by discussing statistics from the Department of Energy. Did you know heating and cooling are the home’s biggest energy costs and account for almost half of all energy expenses? Upgrading your thermostat to a smart thermostat can make a huge difference in your energy bill! What else can smart thermostats help with? That’s what the new Ty Talks videos will tell you!

There is no doubt that warranties help to sell homes and products. Any company that includes a warranty, believes in what they are selling. The new Ty Talks video regarding the warranties available with Right Choice Homes will feature information on how to maintain your warranty and stay comfortable in your new home.

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