If you drive, you need to have auto insurance in Atlanta . When working with an insurance agent, be sure to ask the right questions so that you know what’s on your policy.

To help you out, here is a list from For Auto Insurance Quote:

1.    Am I getting all the discounts that my auto insurer offers?
2.    Do I have comprehensive and collision coverage, and is it worth it?
3.    Does my policy include uninsured- and underinsured-motorist coverage?
4.    If my car is totaled, how much will my insurance pay to cover the loss?
5.    If I need new parts for my car, will my insurer pay for original manufacturer parts?

At Risk & Insurance Consultants, the agents will cover all of the answers to these questions and more. Besides the liability insurance required by law, you will be covered during events such as an accident and/or natural disaster.

Is it time to switch your auto insurance? Call Risk & Insurance Consultants today at 404-459-5975. Also, be sure to visit www.riskandinsuranceconsultants.com for more information.

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