professional women in building atlanta chapterOn Wednesday, June 11, the Atlanta Chapter of Professional Women in Building (PWB) will be holding a program called “When There is No Line at the Ladies Room.” This program will feature a very special guest speaker, Lisa Fey, who is currently a Sales and Marketing Leader at Atlanta’s own Coca-Cola Company and the founder of Atta Girl LLC.

Fey joined the Coca-Cola team in 1985 after graduating from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. She later founded Atta Girl LLC, a company focused on speaking, facilitating and consulting to help people reach their maximum potential. Fey’s roll within her company is to find ways to develop processes, people and tools to make organizations run efficiently and effectively. When she is asked about her job, Fey simply says she “helps others understand how to do more, better, faster.”

Along with working for Coke and founding Atta Girl, Fey has been a member of the Georgia Chapter of the National Speakers Association (NSA) since August of 2011, and serves on boards at Emory University and The University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. The NSA is an organization of professional speakers that support public speaking as a business. Her speaking skills can be showcased through her Centennial Park Women TEDx talk.

The event will be held at Villa Christina in Atlanta, with registration beginning at 11:15 a.m. Lunch and the program will follow shortly after at 11:45 a.m. Tickets can be purchased for $30 if you are a PWB member, $40 for non-PWB members, and $50 for non-HBA members.  To register for this event, click here or email

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