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Did you skip out on your New Year’s resolution and now you’re wondering how to safely work out in a pandemic? Well, a recent increase of health-conscious homeowners have taken it upon themselves to create their own ideal workout environment in their own home. If you find yourself in this boat, an in-home gym renovation may be in your near future.

Whatever your at-home fitness goals are, exercise physiologist Katie Lawton says creating a home gym or personal workout area doesn’t have to take a ton of time or money. Here are just a few crucial factors you need to consider when you start to brainstorm for your in-home gym:

The Space

Depending on what type of workout you want to focus on it’s important to figure out how much space is needed. Whether you have an unused guest bedroom or a neglected garage space, but all this extra space might not be necessary to break a sweat. Working from home is common nowadays, so why shouldn’t working out from home be the same? Adding a treadmill or stationary bike to your office might be beneficial. If a break is needed from sitting all day just hop on over and do a quick 30-minute workout.

The Weights

If lifting weights is your desired workout, then utilizing more space may be needed. Remember you don’t need every machine that the local gyms offer in order to have a comprehensive and challenging workout. If you are in a bit of a financial crunch, you may consider simply starting with a few pairs of dumbbells of various weigh. The range of muscles that can be exercised by using a dumbbell is perfect if you can’t afford a bow flex. This small set is a good starter set and perfect for small spaces.

The Floor

Depending on where you decide to work out, make sure to protect your floor from any damage that can occur. Install removable padded flooring to ensure your floors won’t get damaged. Another option would be to work out on cement flooring, if possible.

The Mirror

While you probably don’t want to install mirrors on every wall of your gym, it helps to have a visual reference to monitor your form in various exercises. It can also psychologically help to see yourself pushing through a difficult set. You don’t need the nauseating wall-to-wall mirror coverage that many gyms have, but you should consider getting at least one good mirror for your workout space.

The Tunes

We’ve all seen that guy or girl totally in the zone lifting or running while jamming out to some tunes on Spotify or Apple Music. The power of music is not to be overlooked in the world of personal fitness. So, you should consider buying a wireless Bluetooth speaker or a great set of wireless headphones. You may be surprised to find how much a well-placed jam in the midst of your workout can help you to push it to the limit.

Do you have an in-home gym in your home? If so, what is your favorite aspect? Or if you don’t have one, what would your dream home gym include? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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