A popular feature of many new homes is the guest suite on the main level. Of course, if you recently purchased your home, you may not have had the opportunity to have overnight visitors. Here are some tips from Keystone Homes for making your guest suite as inviting as possible. And if you’re still searching for the perfect home in Aiken, SC., we have several beautiful communities in the area with top-quality homes at affordable prices.

1. Clean the room – Many homeowners use their guest bedrooms for storage when they aren’t expecting company. Now’s the time to clear out the clutter and spruce things up. Take the items from the closet and relocate them to a different room. Be sure and put empty hangers in the closet so your guests can hang up clothing. Also, be sure and clean out the top drawer of the dresser. Add clean sheet and a nice comforter to the bed. If it’s cold outside, leave a couple additional blankets out. Put pillows with the cases on into the dryer on a low-heat setting for five minutes to de-dust and fluff. Don’t forget to clear a space for a luggage rack or small table or bench to set a suitcase on so your guests don’t have to stoop over to the floor to remove their clothes.

2. Create a “hotel” atmosphere – If you’d like your guests to feel especially welcome in your Aken, SC., home, create a hotel atmosphere. Leave a welcome basket containing bottled water and snacks like mixed dried fruit and sweet-and-salty pecans. Spritz lavender oil on the linens to encourage sweet dreams. You can also add a selection of current magazines to the night table and a gift of plush slippers.

3. Freshen up the guest bath – Make sure your guest bath is clean and bright. Leave linens in an easily-accessible place and add some scented candles to the room.

4. Make everything tech-friendly – If you know your guests are tech-savvy, leave an iPod docking station and an outlet strip out so they can charge gadgets. Also, leave a note somewhere that explains how to access the household wi-fi connection.

With these tips, you can create the ideal atmosphere for making your guests feel right at home. And if you’re still searching for a new home in Aiken, SC., remember to visit one of our fantastic communities! For more information, visit the Keystone Homes website.

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