PB XSmallIf you’ve recently purchased a new Atlanta home or are simply ready for a change in your current residence, decorating is typically the first thought that comes to mind. If this is true for you, let Pottery Barn’s stylish décor inspire you during this time of change, so relax and take a few notes as you read on about some timeless home decorating trends.

    • Texture Twists – Unusual pairings have always been trendy in the design world, but Pottery Barn’s lamp collection of mixed textures and colors makes it easy to incorporate mixed textures into your home. Wicker, burlap, mother of pearl, glass, linen, metal and more are available to give rooms in your home a fresh glow. Pottery Barn also recommends adding some textures to your table with colorful linens, table clothes, dinnerware and glassware.
    • Color-Me Pretty – Color trends are ever-changing, but using the natural colors of the earth’s elements never go out of style. Decorate with a variety of Pottery Barn furniture and accessories in earth tones, and then add eye-catching pops of color here and there, such as yellow, orange or blue. Painting a room with natural colors is also a great and timeless choice. Pottery Barn suggests using rugs to invigorate a space, as they easily pull color and style into a room.
    • Create Sweet Dreams – Your bedroom is the one place you can really relax at the end of a long day, so why not make it as comfortable as possible? Beautiful duvet covers, matelassés, pillows and well-placed furniture from Pottery Barn’s current collection can help create an oasis of serenity for your very own master retreat.
    • The White Room – White is a color which envokes fresh, clean and soothing feelings. That is why Pottery Barn believes white is the perfect color for your bathroom! Mix natural colors such as gray or light green with white for an understated, yet elegant bathroom look. This classic look can be easily created on any budget and personalized to fit you.
    • Organize in Style – An always popular design trend in most homes consists of reorganizing your things. Pottery Barn suggests finding a place for everything that seems chaotic in your home by using decorative baskets and multifunctional furniture to hide away unsightly items. The trick is to find a style that matches your room, and then to maintain it (i.e. keep your things organized and hidden neatly) throughout the year.

    Once again, if you need to furnish and decorate a new home or give your current home an interior design facelift, the vast selection of creative inspirations from Pottery Barn is an excellent resource for homeowners.

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